A Peek Inside Jen Clark’s Website Makeover
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Friday, July 01, 2016
By Holly H
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Pro photographer Jen Clark does amazing work shooting seniors, weddings, engagements, professionals, and events. She wanted a site that reflected the magazine-quality images she provides to her customers.

PhotoBiz Senior Designer Ashley R. worked with Jen to create a luxurious, ultra-modern site to wow clients and keep them coming back.


“I have had so many compliments on my site!”

What Jen Wanted...

Jen wanted to provide a “modern, high-end experience” for her clients with a stylized magazine look.


She loved metal textures and colors, and asked for touches of silver, gold, neutrals, and light blue to give her site an elegant, luxurious feel.


But most importantly, the site needed to function as an online destination for seniors and brides – to book sessions, buy online, and to view and purchase images. And of course, it had to look good on mobile phones.


How Ashley Delivered...

Ashley worked out an extremely custom solution for Jen, so she could get a piece-y magazine look that was also responsive and easy to update.

A Stylized Magazine Look

Ashley delivered on this tall order to create an extremely custom site. “When you ask for crazy cool things, we’re going to give you what you want. We’ll find solutions to get you the look you want that’s easy to maintain.”


Ashley accomplished the magazine look by breaking up pages into feature blocks. We especially love her About Page that puts a clever twist on the expected – seeming more like a scrapbook that conveys her personality better than any info page ever could.

There are personal touches everywhere.


Each page is different, wrapped in an array of clever details and textures. Jen loves all the extra embellishments on her site.

“I have been very happy with the site. It is modern
and updated! Ashley did a great job!”

A Cool Look That’s Built For SEO

Ashley even floated words over textures and images to help with Jen’s SEO. “Putting text into images isn’t great for SEO. This is a better solution because it’s great for search engines and mobile viewers.”


Live text is also ideal for Jen, who can update her site easily as needed.

For Ashley and our clients, having a site that’s easy to maintain is top priority. “We make sites that you can manage. So you don’t have to recode every time you want to change an image or some text.”

Luxurious, Metallic Textures And Colors

Jen wanted to include lots of eye-catching textures, but she didn’t want to overwhelm visitors.

To keep the look clean but still 'luxe,' Ashley worked elegant patterns into the footer and accent boxes to create attractive focal centers.

A Modern, High-End Experience

Ashley and Jen worked together to craft a website that’s a luxury experience for customers.


The Senior Lounge section is exclusive to Jen’s Senior models and is password protected. It helps give Jen’s elite members a special feeling of exclusivity.


The Lounge includes style guides, fashion tips, and inspiration so seniors can have a truly standout session. Seniors can also sign their contracts online, leave reviews, and more to make the entire process super simple.

Fully Functional Ecommerce Solution

Customers can sign up for different packages and add-on options directly from Jen's website.

We used custom forms to make registration easy, and her website does all the heavy lifting – maintaining registrations, taking care of payments – even sending email receipts and thank yous.

Two Sites, One Brand

Jen Clark’s senior & wedding site launched in parallel with a second site for her high-volume event photography.

Ashley was able to maintain a consistent look across both of her brands, so they’re both unmistakably “Jen.”


But the high-volume site is more business and "less nonsense." That way busy parents can quickly view galleries, get the info they need, make the purchase, and move on. 

“The design service was fantastic. I had two sites designed at the same time and although they are totally different, Ashley found a way to tie them together, with certain similar elements, beautifully!”

Would Jen recommend our design service to other photographers? Absolutely.

“I tried it on my own with several sites and there is no comparison
for price, customer services and design. I would definitely recommend Photobiz design services.”

What made it so easy was the relationship she was able to develop with her designer. Ashley worked one-on-one with Jen to uncover her style, the customers she wanted to reach, and all the special things she wanted her website to do.


Then they got to work exchanging ideas until they hit upon a look that would wow clients. Once that was decided on, Ashley got to work building out her custom sites.


Once her design was complete, Jen received training on how to manage her website. Our support team is always available to give help and advice whenever she has a question about her website.

“It is easy to update and the customer service is
outstanding, should I have a question.”

We ask Ashley: What’s it like working with 300+ clients? "It’s never boring!"

In over 2 years, Ashley has built hundreds of websites from the ground up and helped clients turn their ideas into impressive realities. 


But what does she like best about working with so many different clients? The variety! “I could be working on a shabby chic site one day, an ultra-modern site the next, and high fashion design the day after that!” 


The new ideas and personality each client brings helps inspire to Ashley. “When a designer does the same thing all the time, they can get stuck in one kind of design flow, or get ‘tunnel vision.’ When I do so many different kinds of design, it helps me grow as a designer.”


Having built so many websites for photographers, Ashley knows the challenges they face when translating their work into online portfolios or stores. “A lot of the time, photographers think they want to do it on their own. They’re such visual people and they have a great eye for design – but when building a website it’s a completely different animal.”

“It’s not like just framing a shot. It’s getting the all the technical pieces and parts to work together not just on your computer or device, but on all of them. So it not only looks great, it functions well, too.”

We are thrilled to feature Jen Clark in this spotlight! Not only do we love her site, she's an absolutely phenomenal photographer, too. Big thanks to Jen and to Ashley R!


If you're interested in learning more about custom design or want to talk to our team, give us a call at 866.463.7620 or visit us online.

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