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Thursday, May 26, 2016
By Holly H
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We love building tools that make it easier to run your business. Pretty great tools, too, if we do say so ourselves!


But there's always room for improvement. Coming up in the next few weeks, we'll be releasing a bunch of enhancements for the Form Builder and Blog that you're going to love. Check 'em out!


New Form Styling Options

Now, you'll have even more freedom to create forms that look just the way you want. 


When you make a new form, you can pick from 8 new pre-styled designs.

You'll also have even more opportunity to customize other elements of your form, too.


Choose from six different button and text field stylings. You can also change the look of your borders and colors easily.

Online Signatures & Document View

Using the Form Builder to create online business contracts is a great idea. You can keep all your agreements neatly organized online, which is convenient for both you and your clients. 


Two enhancements will make the process more seamless.


The first is the Online Signature field, which will convert your client's name into a fancy-schmancy online signature. Very official!

The second is Document View, which will display a rendered (and signed) version of the contract for printing.


One Click Blog Post

We've developed that fastest way to blog – ever. One Click Blog Posts! It does what it says on the tin.


Whenever you create a new Form, Proofing Gallery, Email Marketing campaign or Landing Page, click SHARE, then BLOG POST.


Add your text, select image options...and voila! You have a blog that's ready to publish.

Mini-Stack Image Collage

One of the most requested updates to the new Blog Builder is a new image layout with smaller image sizes. Now, you'll be able to add image stacks of a smaller size to give your blog a more condensed look. 


Faster Image Loading

We got some feedback that the image "lazy loader" was a bit too lazy. So we pepped it up. 


Images will load faster on the blog, so people with slower connections can enjoy your photos faster.

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