Easy Website Tricks To Get More Engagement, Sales And Leads!
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Friday, July 08, 2016
By John K
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You want your website visitors to do more than just… visit. You want sales! Session bookings! Blog subscriptions! Anything that’ll turn a browsing customer into a buying one.


But how do you get your website viewers to *do* what you want them to do? Sometimes putting a link in your menu isn’t enough. We’ve got to get creative to land more leads and sales.



On the top of almost every page is room for a banner. Besides looking pretty, banners can also help you sell. How?


You can link your banner images to any page on the internet. More specifically, you can link them to any page in your website.



It’s the first thing a visitor will see when they land on your page. A huge, graphic banner that makes it easy to buy from the second your site loads. Or to register for a session. Or trumpet your newest sale, blog, or special offer.

You can also use banners to collect a list of emails that you can remarket to later. Ask customers to sign-up for a contest and link them to a form. You’ll capture all those emails and keep them safe online until you need them later.


Remember: you can put different banners on each page!



Those cool image blocks on pages like this? 


We call them list items. You can set up as many list items as you like. The best part? They link to other pages just like banners do.

Link your list items to specific pages and products in your website that you'd like to see get more attention. Get creative with your style to really make some standout, attention-getting list items.

Let’s look at some examples.

Melanie Anderson’s whole front page on her education website is nothing but banners, callouts and list items. It’s really visual, really inspiring, really tempting to click on everything to learn more.


Blair Phillips, too – his education and workshop site is packed with banners and actionable list items.

Feeling inspired? Ready to draw more attention to your products, sessions, and sales? Whip up some banner images or list items and link them through to get high-visibility advertising right on your website.

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Holly H - Hi Danielle!

List items can be created for portfolios on a "list item" page. (Here's how: http://support.photobiz.com/support-hub//how-can-i-utilize-the-list-page-in-my-portfolio-site)

You can also use your homepage images as big calls to action. For example, upload an image with some enticing message on it ("Now booking senior sessions!") and add a link to your booking page.

If you'd like some help, you can call us at 866.463.7620 or we can call you to help brainstorm!

Thank you for this question, it's a great one!
Holly H
Danielle - Can list items only be created for a blog space, or can you do this with a portfolio site?