How To Create Registrations For Your Summer Events!
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Friday, June 10, 2016
By Holly H
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Today’s the last day of school here in Greensboro, and you know what that means… SUMMER VACATION!!


Before the kids head off to camp or to the beach, now’s the perfect time to think about capturing memories with summer sessions.


Sunkissed photoshoots at the park or on the lake. Families in fields of flowers, sundresses and bubbles, what’s not to love about summer?


Let’s fill up your client’s photo albums – and your calendar, too!

Ecommerce sites come with a handy feature called Registrations

With Registrations, you can create really nice online sign-up pages for sessions, mini-sessions, events, classes and more!


Clients can easily see what dates and times are available, sign up online and pay, too. You’ll both get email confirmation, and you can download your agenda for the day – or check it out through the PB2Go App on your mobile phone.


It’s super handy.


Let’s set up some sessions!


First, head to REGISTRATIONS from the “Sell Online” tab in Ecommerce. You’ll see categories on the left, and sessions on the right.

I’m offering full-length sessions, mini-sessions and workshops, too. Each Category will show up on my main registration page, and then individual sessions will display when visitors click through.


So my clients will see this:


Then click through to choose their date.

What if you’re having a bunch of sessions on the same DAY, but at different times?


We can set that up in the event, so when they go to register for their day, they’ll pick their time, too.



What happens after the booking?


Once someone signs up, they’re saved in your contact list and on the event. Their payment status will be saved, as will their appointment time. So if you’re wondering who’s up next, you can go to the event and click ATTENDEES.


You’ll see a list of everyone who’s registered, and you can view their appointment time. You can access this list from your computer, mobile app, or you can export the list to print it out.


This makes keeping up with all your sessions so much easier to manage, since you’re not fumbling with different scheduling applications, emails and billing systems.

You'll know that Client A has registered for a time, paid, got their receipt, and is ready to go.

Use Registrations for Sessions, Classes, Parties...


The Registrations tool is versatile, and you can use it to book for just about anything. Meetings, Workshops, PhotoWalks, Parties, Events, Seminars, Classes, – even Ebooks or other giveaways!



What If I Don’t Have An Ecommerce Site?


If you have a portfolio or a blog site, you can offer online registrations using a CUSTOM FORM that allows the user to pick their date and time and pay online.



We wrote a handy guide on creating custom forms last week, with a lot of examples on how to get the exact form you want – it's really flexible! But I may be biased – I'm a forms fanatic :D


If you want a quick walkthrough or any help setting up your registrations, events, or forms, give us a call! We're at 866.463.7620, and we'd be glad to help you set up some bookings on your site. 


Have a great summer!!! I'll see you back next week. 

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