How To Make Landing Pages That Really Work
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Friday, October 07, 2016
By Holly H
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You have a website for customers to find you through search and get all kinds of information.


See all of your work, browse your store, read your blog, and book some sessions along the way. But here’s the difference between your main site and targeted landing pages:


Landing pages are designed for optimal conversion.


When you want someone to take one – and only one – key action, that’s when you should use a landing page.


Booking a session. Filling out a contact form. Entering a contest. Referring a friend. Landing pages are designed with only one goal in mind.


There are clear times when you should build a landing page instead of using a web page on your site, and they’re easy to identify.


When should I use a landing page?

  • Do you want to use your page to promote services, sales, specials or individual products?

  • Do you need better conversion rates?

  • Would an email blast help support your campaign?

  • Are you pressed for time and need a page fast?

  • Do you need to make something that looks different from your main page?


Landing pages are the focused solution to all these needs.


Best yet, they’re FREE for you to build on your PhotoBiz site :) You can build as many as you want and fine-tune each message you want to get in front of your customers.

So how can you use landing pages to better your marketing strategy? Let’s talk speed, targeting, and efficiency.

Focused Pages = More Conversions

When you build a landing page for your promotion, there’s no navigation to distract customers. Landing pages include only what’s relevant to help a customer quickly convert.


Include a compelling headline, your offer, and a big Call To Action that leads directly to the next step: The sale. The booking. The email capture. No extra information to get in the way.


All good landing pages should include:

  • Your logo

  • A gorgeous image or two

  • A clear headline about your offer

  • A (short!) description of why your customer should act

  • A strong Call To Action & button linking to a contact form or "buy" page

Optional extras:

  • Any industry awards you've earned

  • A short testimonial

  • Coupon or discount code

When You Need Speed, Landing Pages Rule!

When you're pressed for time and want to make something fast, landing pages are the way to go.


Just pick a template and you’re ready to rock & roll. Your page loads up already styled, all you need to do is pop in your graphics and personalize the text.

Done. Next.

Ideal For Social Media

On social media, we often see posts like this:

At first glance, this looks OK. But let’s deconstruct this post.

  • Image doesn’t link to your website

  • Can’t book a session online

  • CTA is ''call or email me,'' which is unrealistic for scrolling FB users who are mostly mobile.

  • Teeny tiny URL link 


It's just an image that doesn’t get people to the website. You can't click through! It’s just… there. This doesn’t get anyone on your website. Doesn’t help your SEO. And provides only a meager amount of bland information to potential customers – who are unlikely to drop everything and call Right Away.


There’s a better way to get people to your site where they can book a session easily: you can create a landing page, and share that immediately.

Looks similar, but with some key problems fixed.

  • Links directly to landing page

  • Users can book a session or contact you immediately

  • Customers are immersed in your page and experience your brand

  • Looks super professional

  • Helps your SEO by funneling more traffic to your site


We use this same image, but with one key difference…. THEY CAN CLICK IT TO SEE MORE! 99% of this post is a link to your page.

More traffic is better for SEO.
When more visitors traffic your page, it adds to your domain authority which makes your entire website look better to search engines. Also if you’re doing any kind of cookied remarketing effort, you’ll have captured all these additional leads in your bucket automatically.


Booking is easy.
Next, We include a snappy headline and a clear Call To Action button on your page. This leads your customers to perform a very specific action, like "BOOK NOW!"


Visitor experience is better.
Because you get to use your colors and branding, you give your customers an immersive, cohesive experience instead of an easily ignored, boring facebook post.


And if you want to get really fancy you can use….

Ads & Campaign Landing Pages

$5 goes a long way on Facebook. Toss a couple bucks into a targeted local Facebook ad to get more exposure instantly. Think about it: if you book one session from your ad, it’ll be a tremendous win. It’s a good way to dip your toe into paid ads and refine your message before going big league.


If you’re REALLY up on your marketing game, you can try out some Google ads or display ads. It doesn’t have to be expensive (you can put daily caps on how much you want to spend) but it will put ads right in front of interested eyeballs when they are already looking for your service online.


The thing here is to ALWAYS DIRECT VISITORS TO A LANDING PAGE from an ad. Don’t just drop them into your store or on your homepage. For your campaign to pay off, lead them to a targeted page that is tuned toward a single action: booking the session. Making the sale. Getting the email.

Support Your Campaign With Email

Could your promotion use a little help? Sending a quick email blast is a good way to get the attention of past customers and new leads.


The awesome thing about PhotoBiz landing pages is that they double as emails.

Already built and ready to send.


You can't email out a webpage... but landing pages are built to send with just a couple clicks. Everything is integrated so your contact list and leads are ready to receive your message.

So if you may want to support your campaign with a quick email, landing pages can help you market your business – quickly and effectively.


So in summary: if you need a super quick & focused page that looks unique, is built for sharing, and ready to email – you should definitely take a look at using landing pages.  They're quick, free, and ready to use in your PhotoBiz site.

And if you'd like any help putting a campaign together or thinking of ideas to promote for your business, give us a call

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