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Wednesday, September 07, 2016
By Holly H
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The design team is on FIRE!! 


Fresh for you: 5 more templates released today for the sitebuilder: Playa Del Amor, Brooklyn, Paradise BeachSanta Rosa and Pigeon Point.


Like August's crop of new templates, these designs mimic the "portfolio" look with a lot more flexibility. Pages that open with large, full-screen slideshows or window-pane galleries, then scroll seamlessly into pages with lots of bells & whistles.


Take a look at our newest designs, and maybe try one on to see how it looks! With the busy season coming, it's the perfect time to make sure your site looks ready for business, too.

Playa Del Amor


Paradise Beach

Santa Rosa

Pigeon Point

It's been a thrilling few weeks full of new designs, templates and styles! We'll be adding more to our fall collection, too, so keep an eye out for new releases in the coming weeks.


If you'd like to try on a new template (but have the "redesign jitters"), just follow this guide to preview a new look before you commit.  


And if you'd like some help picking out a design or finding the template you want, our team is standing by for your call. Just give us a ring at 866.463.7620 and we'll be happy to talk about updating your look and all the new features we've come out with in the past few months. 


Thanks for reading! And enjoy the new templates :)

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