Refresh Your Site For the Summer - 6 Hot Tips!
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Thursday, June 09, 2016
By Holly H
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You're busy! It's hot! There's work to do and vacations to take!


Updating your site is probably the last thing on your mind. But it's important! And it's better to get it over with now instead of waiting until you're REALLY busy. 


Let's not waste anymore time! Here are 6 things to update on your site to keep it looking cool for the summer.

Try a new template


Want to try a new look? It’s not hard. Changing your template takes a couple clicks, and it can re-invigorate your whole site.


We’ve come out with several new templates over the last few months – why not preview what a new look could do for your site?



Freshen up your images


It’ll be hard to book summer sessions if you’re showcasing winter shoots. Now’s a good time to double check that your galleries and homepage show your best and newest work!

Make sure your images are seasonally appropriate and look current. It’s a good idea to change up your imagery a couple times a year to give return viewers new content, too.



Update your About page


It’s the second most viewed page on your site! Show your About Page some extra love and give it a once-over.


Does your personality come through? Is there a picture of you (or a stunning example of your work?) Do you invite customers to click through to book or Contact you? Update as needed and...


Double Check Your Contact Page


Did you change your phone number or move to a new studio? Have your hours changed? Take a look at your contact page and double check that all the correct info is there.


Even if you didn’t change anything since last year, it’s a good idea to read over your contact page and make sure all the information is listed correctly. You don’t want to miss calls because of a typo! 



Check Your Footer


Nothing says outdated like a 2015 copyright.


If you have a footer, scan through and see if it needs updating.


Optimize your SEO metadata


Is your site ranking as well as you’d like? Do you have steady traffic? A second look at your SEO metadata can make the difference between a good summer and GREAT one.


Your PhotoBiz site automatically generates SEO meta titles, descriptions and keywords based on the content of each page. You can also write your own!


If you click on the “SEO” icon on each page (it looks like 3 “signal” bars), you can see your metadata that gets read by Google. Choose CUSTOM to write your own if you feel like it could use a tweak.


Remember: meta titles can only be about 50 characters long, and meta descriptions are limited to about 150 characters. Short!

Need help doing more?


We can help you revamp the look of your entire site or offer advice on how to just about anything else, too!


Call us at 866.463.7620 and we’ll make your site look fresh.


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Duke Vukadinovic - I think that double checking contact page is one of the best tips that I've heard in a while! It's really shameful how many people actually don't care about it!

Thanks a bunch for emphasizing this! I sincerely hope that your advice will reach some of them :)