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Friday, September 23, 2016
By Holly H
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Managing your data is about the last thing you want to do. Fortunately, your PhotoBiz website comes with automatic tools that make keeping up with clients, marketing, and communication ridiculously simple. 


The Client Relationship Builder saves every scrap of your customer info online and keeps it automatically organized. It integrates with your entire site – Proofing, Blog, Email, Forms, Ecommerce – to build your database for you and make reaching out really simple. 

Here's Why It Matters:

Think about everything you do manually to grow and run your business. Without an integrated solution, routine tasks are more way difficult than they should be.


At tradeshows, you sign up leads on paper... then type those emails into your mailing list. 3 months down the line, you can’t remember who signed up at what event – or for what service! When it’s time to send a targeted offer, you’re lost. And you stand to lose customers who get offers for things they’re not interested in. That’s bad marketing.


You’re tracking down forms, waivers, and receipts by hand, which grows more difficult as time goes on. If you can’t produce receipts and answer important questions, you stand to lose money and reputation. That’s bad business.


You text or talk with customers, sending emails from a plain, unbranded personal email account. If there’s a question, you have to filter through messages to find the right one. And you may miss a message in the clutter. That’s bad customer service.


You get blog comments on the regular, and clients share their proofing photos. But what are you doing with that information? Unless you can capture those emails, that’s bad lead growth.


The CRB keeps track of EVERYTHING, without you having to do ANYTHING.

All your sales, all your customers and leads. Every single conversation you have with clients. All your forms, marketing messages, blog, and proofing visitors; all integrated. And it’s free. Ready to use on your PhotoBiz website.


The CRB makes it easy to have good marketing, business management, customer service, and lead growth with little work.


Let’s look at how the it can help a real business work better.

 Case Study:

How The CRB Cures Small Business Headaches


My mother (a yoga teacher) called yesterday, completely frustrated. She was sick of carrying around a big binder full of contracts and forms. She couldn’t keep track of who had paid, or who came to class when. And she couldn’t integrate her email to let clients know about upcoming classes or special deals.


Managing her customers was becoming a logistical nightmare.


“You need an INTEGRATED solution” I said. “Something online that you don’t have to touch, that will make all of this pain go away.”


That’s when I told her about the Client Relationship Builder.


Instead of sitting down after each class to reconcile payments, clients and waivers, everything is handled automatically. There’s nothing to do but teach and be happy.

With the Client Relationship Builder, all of this work is automated and simplified.


  • No more paperwork. Waivers and contracts are completed online, accessible anytime.

  • Centralized accounting. Every sale is logged in ONE PLACE. No more reconciling cash, checks, credit, online orders and gift cards in a huge spreadsheet. Sales track automatically using the CRM and her PhotoBiz App. She can even sell on her phone.

  • Complete client database. She has a current, accurate list of all her customers – complete with every purchase, class, form submission, and email.

  • Simplified communication. She never has to chase down texts or emails. All of her conversations with clients are stored online in full.

  • Better Marketing. She has more than a list of emails. She has specific information for each customer that makes marketing a breeze. She can email her #yoga students directly, give coupons to #aerobics members, and entice old clients to return – with just a few clicks.

  • Plus, her business gets an image boost! Stepping into the 21st century, mom’s little studio looks amazingly professional. Customers get email receipts for in-class purchases. There’s no binders to juggle or lost forms. It’s fast, easy, and makes her look like a top-tier instructor.


Mom was floored. “I can DO all that? Seriously?” Yes, seriously.

We're reinventing how websites work to help you run your business better. Whether you're a portrait photographer or house painter, restauranteur or lawyer. We give you the tools you need to grow – simply.


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